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Shear-loc Thumb screw knobs
#8 Key Drive

Dual Adjusting Type

(All of the screws in the tables below have 3A threads and are fully threaded )
(Screws longer than listed are available but are normally not  fully threaded.)

(When using the hex socket to install this thumbscrew, caution should be taken not to over tighten the plastic knob if it comes in contact with a surface, as knob damage or breakage can occur)

The plastic knob portion of the thumbscrew is currently offered in black and will soon be available in red, gray and yellow. As with the entire line, Shear-Loc will furnish free samples for testing needs.

Knurled Style Key Drive Thumbscrew

Please add Knob color and Screw type prefix to the part number.

B=Black, R=Red, G=Gray, Y=Yellow, A=Alloy, S=Stainless, Z=Zinc plate

For example: A 1/2" diameter Black Knurled knob  with a "L" dimension of 9/32" Alloy screw would have a part number of K01B-0832-0.28A

Note: Items at the right of the table marked with "X" are standard items "O" are non standard items. Please inquire about the availability of non standards.

Please go to the what's new/etc page. for information on zinc plated screw assemblies marked with a  "O" .

Screw/L Dim.

A Dim./Style

Part Number







1/2 Knurled

K01wpe23.jpg (705 bytes)-0832-0.28wpe1E.jpg (705 bytes)


o o o x x o
8-32x13/32 1/2 Knurled K01wpe23.jpg (705 bytes)-0832-0.40wpe1E.jpg (705 bytes) x o o o x x o
8-32x17/32 1/2 Knurled K01wpe23.jpg (705 bytes)-0832-0.53wpe1E.jpg (705 bytes) x o o o x x o
8-32x21/32 1/2 Knurled K01wpe23.jpg (705 bytes)-0832-0.65wpe1E.jpg (705 bytes) x o o o x x o
8-32x25/32 1/2 Knurled K01wpe23.jpg (705 bytes)-0832-0.78wpe1E.jpg (705 bytes) x o o o x x o
8-32x29/32 1/2 Knurled K01wpe23.jpg (705 bytes)-0832-0.90wpe1E.jpg (705 bytes) x o o o x x o

Keys Available at Competitive Prices

Note: Listed are Shear-Loc's standard Full Thread offerings.
We also offer many other standard & semi standard screw lengths.
  Please call for more information


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Shear-Loc Products under USA patent no. 5,017,068
and E.U. patent 0551295

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